relationships fail because people aren't ready for them...

FREE EBOOK: 5 Signs You're Ready to Date
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    Relationship Readiness Measure: Am I ready to date? This is a question a lot of people ask, but don't know how to measure their every day lives to figure out the answer. These 5 Signs give you the tools you need to evaluate your life to make sure you are in the best season to date!
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    ready Again...For those who have experienced the heart-break of failed relationships. It can be scary to think about dating again... these 5 Signs will help you see if you are TRULY ready to date again. 
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    Steps to Prepare: Upon reading these 5 Signs, you will know exactly what you need to work on before getting into a relationship... providing you with the steps to prepare for your future Godly marriage!

I truly thought I was ready... until

 I found out what "ready" really is...


“Before reading this book I had no idea how to determine whether I was truly ready to date by Godly standards. Now, I know I need to work on #1 and #3. It gives me so much peace to know EXACTLY what I need to do to prepare for my future!!!”

Erin Ulhorne

“I was so SICK of failed relationships and wasted time that I finally considered that I was the problem. I had always blamed the issue on counterfeit and the wrong guys... now I know that part of the problem is that I'm NOT ready... which means I attract guys that aren't ready either. I am excited to take the time to REALLY get ready and grow for my future. ”

TaShawna Lewis

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