Break The Cycle – 5-Day Challenge - Married and Young

Don't put off TODAY what could save your FUTURE marriage LATER!​​​​​​

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Join our community comprised of more than 155,000 dedicated men and women from around the world who are determined to take the next five days to heal from toxic patterns of our pasts in order to protect our future marriage.

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This challenge will equip you to dismantle every cycle that is attempting to derail God's perfect plan for your life.  

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Here is the breakdown of each day: 

Day 1: Break the Cycle of Identity Crisis
One of the primary reasons that many don’t understand how to function as a spouse is because they don’t take the time to understand who they are during their season of singleness. By tackling the issues that attack God’s truth surrounding your identity, we hope to bring you into a place of complete awareness, further empowering you to function as the person that God created you to be!

Day 2: Break the Cycle of Poverty & Money Mismanagement
Financially impoverished mindsets and the cycles that perpetuate them are going to be tackled head on! No longer should you have to wrestle with he who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. As we attack poverty, your eyes will behold the excess of generational wealth and abundance that Christ intends for you to have!

Day 3: Break the Cycle of Sexual Sin
Just because it feels good doesn’t mean that it’s good for you! Look, it doesn’t matter how the cycle of sexual sin started for you but it ends HERE and NOW! We are going to uncover the deceptive nature of sexual sin, unlock the power of resisting, and teach you how to say NO to your flesh and its members to help you remain pure and pleasing before the Lord at all times!

Day 4: Break the Cycle of Mental Bondage
The mind is where the fight truly happens, so the enemy sees it as a critical place to bring attack and torment. We will tackle the mental bondages that keep your mind weary, defeated, exhausted, and downright overwhelmed —we are saying NO to psychological and mental warfare and YES to soundness and peace of mind! Your mental health matters to God and we are dedicated to breaking you free from mental anguish!

Day 5: Break the Cycle of Dysfunctional Relationships
Toxicity doesn’t have to be your template for relationships! We are going to address some of the signs that may indicate you are involved in a dysfunctional relationship, and, with discernment, give you the tools necessary to disconnect from those that don’t improve the health of your relationships! The normalcy of dysfunction will no longer be the standard for your relationships, in Jesus’ name!

Join thousands of singles from around the world, as we intentionally set aside five days to demolish the imprisoning cycles of our past.

About Challenge Organizers:
Jamal & Natasha Miller

“Jamal & Natasha Miller are the founders of MarriedandYoung.Com, a site dedicated to helping men and women with varying relational statuses to become whole and to secure a solid foundation for an unbreakable marriage. Originally known from their Facebook love story, they went viral after it was distributed on YouTube following their engagement.

Both Natasha and Jamal have since been featured in BET, JET Magazine, and have worked with countless other relationship experts in the grand effort to reduce the divorce rate in America. With a team of writers and dedicated staff, Godly Today reaches millions with their compelling, thought-provoking, and engaging content.

Jamal is an Amazon best-selling author of 25 Ways to Prepare for Marriage Other than Dating, and together both he and Natasha have authored, Our Time With God: A 42 Day Devotional for Couples. Jamal and Natasha are also the Pastors of All Nations Worship Assembly —Online Campus. Residing in Chicago, they enjoy the everyday pleasures and excitement of parenting their two precious daughters, Harvest Ann and Melodie Grace.”